Consulting Phases

Consulting Phases

  • Data Collection
  • Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing Analysis

Prior to the initial office visit, we gather specific data that helps us understand the numbers and the vision of the practice; data is verified once we are on site. We spend approximately six to eight hours preparing for our first visit. We know and study our practice prior to our first visit. We also talk to each staff member, with the intention of better understanding his or her knowledge and impressions of the strengths and weaknesses of the practice. DDS Consultants value staff members’ opinion and confidentiality. The information we gather allows us to create a customized treatment plan geared toward the practice success.

Data Collection

To collect all the background information necessary to complete the initial detailed analysis of the practice.


To examine all collected data, meet the staff, observe the practice in motion, determine the requirements for success, and expose factors limiting the achievement of that success.

Goal Setting

To set attainable goals for achieving success in the practice.


To target areas of the practice that require attention in order to achieve success, and outline strategies and procedures to be established in these areas.


To work closely with the practice to implement strategies intended to generate and maintain ongoing success


To establish a system of reporting and checking that will regularly reveal whether the continued success of each implemented strategy has been maintained or is requiring attention. 


To provide periodic consulting follow-up to introduce advanced concepts and strategies, review established procedures, and resolve new issues that may arise.

Marketing Analysis

To outline all marketing efforts, evaluate the cost of marketing, develop goals of money spent, as well as provide the practice with an idea as to the cost per new patient of the marketing efforts. This includes analysis of both internal and external marketing efforts.