Set Apart

DDS consults onsite in the practice. Consulting is individualized and is scheduled based on the needs of the practice. 

Each practice is encouraged to remain in steady communication with their consultant as often as needed, by phone and/or e-mail. There is no middle-man in the DDS-Practice relationship. 

Monthly phone meetings are scheduled with the consultant between in-office consulting visits. The DDS Consultant reviews and analyzes the current data and discusses accomplishments gives direction and addresses any current concerns that the dentist and team may have. 

The practice receives a personalized consulting report at each consulting visit; this is reviewed by the entire team during the team meeting on the last day. Goals and tasks are clearly documented so that the practice has a reference and tool to use to support the leadership after each consulting visit. 

DDS maximizes and trains staff on the use of dental software, such as EagleSoft and Dentrix. Although DDS Consultants are not software trainers, they often encourage the practices to call on their software support team for basic keystroke data training. The DDS focus is to develop systems around software accuracy and utilization of software reports to help the practice better manage the business side of the office.

DDS believes that the focus should always be geared toward investing in and utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve patient relationships and patient retention. 

Monthly tracking of vital practice statistics. Every business decision and recommendation is based on facts and understanding of each dental practice.

Master Yearly Tracker is individually developed to monitor and track all important indicators in each practice. (Click the graph below to view an enlarged sample of the Master Yearly Tracker.)

The practice is taught how to track and understand its own practice statistics. Individual providers within each practice have complete clarity on their individual production, goals, patient retention, case presentation, case acceptance, etc.

Visual comparisons from previous year’s statistics to the current year are provided so that real practice growth is clearly monitored and maintained. Future business planning and goal setting are realistic because it is based on the practical potential and vision.

The health of the overhead is carefully watched and monitored each month